DHR International(帝浩亚国际)1989年成立于美国芝加哥,是全球领先的高管猎头人力咨询公司之一,业务涵盖欧美、亚太和中东地区,拥有50多个办事处和分支机构;亚太业务遍及大中华地区及新加坡、日本、韩国和印度等国家,其中大中华区业务主要通过北京、上海、香港和台北办事处逾35位专业人员来开展高管猎头项目的搜寻、人才咨询和领导力评估、传统行业客户数字化转型人才延揽等一整套解决方案;


DHR凭着扎实的行业研究分析能力、个性化的专业服务以及创新的人才咨询思维,秉承高度协作的跨国和地区间的团队文化和价值观,并以合作伙伴的准则通过旗下行业顾问专家的通力协作,致力于构建与企业客户和候选人之间的最佳行业合作伙伴关系。具体详情资料,请参阅公司网站: http://www.dhrinternational.com

Established in 1989 with global headquarter in Chicago, IL, USA, DHR International has been a leading, privately-held provider of executive search solutions with more than 50 wholly-owned offices spanning the globe. DHR Asia Pacific operation consists of Greater China, Singapore, Japan and Korean as well as India; of which, Greater China business mainly operates through Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei offices with a staff over 35 helping to drive business transformation through executive search, leadership assessment and digital transformation talent consulting services tailored to the unique qualities and specifications of our select client base across F500 Multinationals and Asia conglomerates as well as Chinese private-/state-owned-enterprises.


DHR International combines unparalleled research capabilities, truly personalized boutique service and innovative agility with a true mission to create outstanding partnerships between clients and candidates guided by the collaboration among its industry experts.


For more information on DHR International, visit http://www.dhrinternational.com.