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At its signature international event, the World Cup Competition held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from September 30 to October 2, 2012 in Washington, DC, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) announced a change of the organization's name to Enactus. The selection of this name reaffirms the organization's long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress. (www.enactus.org). ...

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Testimony From Faculty Advisor

SIFE provides such a unique chance to stimulate students’ creativity and ambition to make achievements. Having a master diploma of business administration and being an educator myself, I have always been looking for an effective way to make students virtually getting involved in the real business world, at the same time learning business ethics so as to be responsible business people in the future.

MAO Dawei
Guanghua School of Management
Peking University

In recent years, many excellent students emerged from SIFE team; they are not only well-coordinated in team but also very creative in business staff; what’s more, they set eyes on the vulnerable groups and paid attention to the social welfare course; and most importantly, they have broadened their horizons and minds through in SIFE; all the above made them get adapted to their posts in society after graduation

LU Kefan
Director of extracurricular activity department
Renmin University of China

SIFE projects allowed students to enhance strategic planning skills and their organizing abilities. It also provides them amazing leadership experience and business know-how. Moreover, SIFE offers them more opportunities to help others and change the economic condition of communities.

NIU Yonghua
Associate Dean
School of International Business
Beijing Foreign Studies University

SIFE provides students a capacious training laboratory other than classroom education, letting them convert knowledge into real practice and this is what we pursue as our educational goal. As a faculty advisor, it is my pleasure to share them with my own experience. They learn from doing, and they benefit from helping those from community.

SHI Zongjing
Associate Professor, Marketing
Director, SUFE Joint Undergraduate Program
Chief researcher, IBAC
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

All-round development becomes more important than mere study once a person steps into the university. During the time with SWUFE SIFE team, I have been so delighted to witness the development of our SIFErs. Frankly speaking, what I have learned from them is much more than what I have given to them. While working with the SIFErs, we are all developing ourselves. And this development has no limit.

YANG Haiyang
Vice President, Department of Student Affairs
Deputy Secretary, the Youth League Committee
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

SIFE is a good model of incorporating practice and education, and is considered to create win-win situations. On the one hand, people who are reached by SIFE students benefit a lot from university students’ help. On the other hand, students themselves develop their potential to the full. The SIFE experience enables university students to acquire teamwork, leadership, communication and project management skills in a unique way, not typically gained from their classroom study, or other practice activities.

QU Lili
English Teacher
College of Foreign Languages
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

It is my great honor to be one of the consultants of SIFE of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. During the interaction and communication with my students, I witness their continuous progress in building up leadership, cooperation and organization ability. The result of the competition is not important. What’s important is the experience in making preparation for the competition, which will surely benefit them a lot. I feel appreciated for my students, and hope with sincerity that they can become useful people who can actually assist others in the future.

WU Yiming
Associate Dean of MBA Education Center
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

As a business educator, I believe it is essential for my students to understand this fundamental concept of social responsibility and sustainable development, which not only presents a good business opportunity to build markets and create jobs but also helps bring people back from the margins to the community. This philosophy matches the belief of SIFE. Hence, SIFE provides an excellent opportunity for my students to put this belief into practice. In SIFE, I see my students growing to become in love with serving their community through outreach projects that cultivate entrepreneurship and nurture caring culture.

SIFE, as the bridge between the campus and the society, provides the terrific opportunities for students to learn skills that needed when in the society. With SIFE, our students can not only learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge, but also learn how to think independently and how to face up with drawbacks and challenges. Moreover, our students have realized to care the society and contribute his or her best to the society, which is the key goal for our education, as well.

CHENG Kejiang
Vice President
Business School
Shanghai University

SIFE is a rainbow, connecting campus and society, theory and practice, and teachers and students. SIFE is an engine, empowering us to innovate, create and overcome all the difficulties. SIFE is an incubator, breeding a loving-heart, nourishing self-confidence and producing many a young group which can do well.

ZHU Hanhua Party Branch Secretary Industry and Business Administration Department Shanghai Finance University

SIFE is a platform of combining several of different forces so as to comprehensively serve all the parts who were involved in it. There are three characteristics I was deeply impressed: Firstly, its international trait which can provide students with opportunities for international exchanges and international perspectives; Secondly, it forms a race to inspire students to participate in the project and doing it well. At last it’s a sustainable development model to help people who need help, as an old saying in China that "Give a man a fish and he ends for a day. Teach him how to fish and he eats for a life." I always think that every student is a "small stove", who has passion and potential. I believe SIFE will allow these students to motivate more potential, develop their leadership and organizing and cooperating capabilities.

CHENG Zhaoqian
Vice Professor, Post Doctor
Zhejiang Gongshang University

When looking back to the days together with SIFE students, a sense of pride linger my mind. This outstanding team uses their passion and intelligence to put entrepreneurship into action. Which exactly integrates the SIFE spirit with DUFE vision; they realize their mission as well as bring others into better life. It’s a great happiness to be a witness and advisor to these efforts coming true.

LI Miao
Assistant Professor
Business Administration College
Dongbei University of Finance & Economics