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Renaissance: Movie Works

【Juxing 365】Enactus Renaissance-Movie Works

time:2016/3/30 15:12:26


Dear Students,
November 2015, Juxing 365 launched the joint project “Miss Puff-RenaissanceMovie Works”, aiming to inspire college students’ creativity, build a broad platform for their literature creations, pushing for new blood in original literature. We will offer professional creators, screenwriters, directors, funds and other resources for outstanding works to provide necessary conditions for further developments.
We are glad that Juxing 365-Enactus “Miss Puff-Renaissance Movie Works” project had received 545 literature works from 23 teams of both the Northwest and the Southwest. 23 works from 18 teams entered stage three improvement period.
After 15 days of online voting and the Juxing 365 specially invited professional jury’s careful assessment, the assessment of 23 works has finished. The criteria of the assessment include: sufficiency of dramatic conflicts, linguistic expression, originality of the theme, the appeal of the photography and the ideas planted inside.
We chose the winners upon online voting results and jury assessments, weighted scores(popularity ranking*0.4, jury ranking*0.6) will be the final results. Below lists the jury ranking, voting ranking and the final ranking of the 23 works.
Juxing 365-Enactus “Miss Puff-Renaissance Movie Works” project’s TOP 3 teams are
1st: Shaanxi Normal University: 水墨(Ink) by Yang Qi
2nd: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China: 锦鲤(Koiby Ji Cunyuan
3rd: Southwest University for Nationalities: 关于谋杀案的一切(Everything about homicide case) by Guo Yifan


The TOP 3 authors will be rewarded: 1st: 5000, 2nd: 3000, 3rd: 2000. The corresponding school’s Enactus teams will be rewarded: 1st: 2000, 2nd:¥15003rd: 1000


We appreciate your constant support and efforts given to the Juxing 365-Enactus “Miss Puff-Renaissance Movie Works” project. Every piece of work let us see creativity and efforts. Through this project we can tell that young college students have infinite potential for creativity. The student’s passion devoted to literature creations is admirable. Hopefully there will be more cooperations and more outstanding works!