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Bayer & Enactus “Innovative Agriculture for Sustainability” Project

【Bayer】Bayer & Enactus “Innovative Agriculture for Sustainability” Project

time:2015/12/30 15:12:26

Dear Enactus Teams,


We are glad to announce, we are starting a joint Innovative Agriculture for Sustainability” Project with Bayer. The project aims to assist college students to apply innovative technologies and to support teams that are dedicated to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Currently, Enactus is concerned with land desertification, air pollution from straw burning, drought, chemical pollution and other environmental issues, as well as low-efficiency agricultural production and marketing failure of agricultural products. Through Innovative Agriculture for Sustainability” project with Bayer, Enactus aims to solve the problem with innovative technologies and cultivate innovative agriculture start-up teams aiming for sustainable development.




Enactus teams could focus on the following topics(or to propose other topics if necessary):

-     remote agricultural environmental surveillance

-     intelligent remote irrigation

-     crop sales and production online information platform

-     real-time crop positioning and application of Big Data

-     AI farming

-     fresh fruit and vegetable online E-commerce platform

-     other agriculture innovations

-     agricultural, environmental and bio-fuel-related innovative solutions


Type of Crops


grain: maize, rice, wheat

fruit: apple, banana, mandarin orange, grape, water melon

vegetable: cucumber, chilli pepper, potato, tomato


Teams and Timetable


Stage One


December 2015, initiation of the project (publicizing to 265 Enactus teams)

January~February 2016, college team applications (applications from 80 Enactus teams are expected, new members related to innovative agriculture can also be recruited to Enactus teams)

February~March Market, research and technical planning (25 shortlisted teams)

March~February, professional consultation with colleagues from Bayer on technological innovations

May~September, Agricultural technology innovations initial model experiments

October, Agricultural technology innovations modeling reports and commercial application projection


Stage Two

November~December 2016, adjust technological developments and commercial operation patterns (10 teams shortlisted)

January~April 2017, project trail operation incubator

May~August 2017, operating in the market

September 2017, innovative agricultural technology social organization/corporation establishment and registration(estimate 3 Enactus teams)




(1)   3000 technical trials and modeling fund for every Enactus team shortlisted at Stage One (estimate 25 teams)

(2)   10,000 trail operation incubator fund for every team enters Stage Two (estimate 10 teams)

(3)   20,000 seed capital for every team that goes through the trial operation stage (estimate 3 teams)


Support from partner, Bayer


(1)   Bayer will not only provide monetary support for the researches, modeling, trial operations and start-up firms, it will also invite relevant colleagues to offer business consultation and advice for the Enactus teams over the entire process

(2)   Also, Bayer will offer products of Bayer Crop Science to the teams according to actual needs in the planting process, after applications and manager consent.


About brand awareness during the implementation period


We encourage teams present themselves using Enactus and Bayer brand cooperation during their projects, and to spread the brands using WeChat, Weibo or other online platforms, as well as offline brand presentations.(not limited to farm land under the brand names, applying Bayer Crop Science products, new technology under the brand names, project members wearing brand names). During the propagation, contact Enactus staff in charge of the project in advance and confirm with Bayer Public Relations before using Bayer-related information and its logo.


About Bayer(China)


As a multinational corporation, Bayer’s core competitiveness in the biological science field includes medicine, health care products and plant protection. Bayer’s products and service are dedicated to the welfare of the people and improving life quality. At the same time, Bayer creates value through technological innovations, business growth and high-efficiency profit model. Bayer Group focuses on sustainable development and recognizes it as a social and moral responsibility of Bayer as a corporate citizen. In financial year 2014, Bayer’s employees reached 119,000, revenue 44.2 billion Euro, capital expenditure of 2.5 billion Euro, R&D investment 2.6 billion Euro. These numbers include that of the hi-tech polymer material business, which was listed as Covestro as an independent firm on October 6, 2015. More information on www.bayer.com