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【Novozymes】Biotech Innovation for Sustainability Challenge New Poject

time:2016/6/20 14:17:14


Have you ever wonder what makes nature so colorful while you fall in love with those amazing views?


Have you ever wonder how magical is biological science while it bringing incredible revolution on society?



This time, we started from a new perspective of Biological Education, to call on more Enactus partners to join us. Let us discover the secret of so many creatures, and bring that information back for teenagers.


We are honored to announce that Enactus and Novozymes will work on “Biologic Open Session, Create Extraordinary” projects. This project’s main goal is to encourage College students to disseminate biological knowledge among primary and secondary schools.




 1. Project Target


- Encourage more Enactus Team to discover Biological Knowledge, discover how to solve issues with biologic techniques.

- Stimulate the interest of Primary and secondary school students, promote biologic knowledge and apply it in daily life.

- Train Enactus Team’s speech ability; practically train students’ innovation ability.


2. Project Request

- Project Team need to form independent group for execute (a report is needed at the end)

- The students ranged is between Grade 4 to Grade 12

- Project Team will need to refer to biologic education and create documents; it may be presentation, experiment and videos.

- Project Team need to teach more than 100 students.

- Every student need to study at least 2 sessions.

- The teaching environment can be anywhere.



3 Project apply


- Enactus Team will need to send in application form to Regional Program Manager before July 7.

- Enactus Team needs to complete project design and hand in proposal before September 8.




4 Project Award


-Project Team will receive a 2500 executive price and advisers

-If you complete the request, you may receive more awards; on the other hand, if you did not complete it, money will be deducted.

-There will be a “Most influential Biological Education Project” and “Most innovative Biological Education Project” reward. There will be three quotas each and 3000 RMB will be awarded.


5 Project Date


June20 – July 7:Hand in Application Form

Aug 1 – Aug 3:Talk about Biological Education Project introduction at leadership forum

July 8 – Sep 8:Proposal and project presentation hand in

Sep 9 – Sep 23:40 teams will be chosen

Sep 24 – Dec.4:Execute the project and present it at meeting

Dec 5 – Dec 20:Award given