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I still remember the 2009 Enactus World Cup held in Berlin, German. It was the first time in my life that I went overseas and saw this world. I strongly felt that it was the common passion for Enactus career that bring those people with different colors and languages together from all over the world. What is fortunate for me is that I met a Germany judge in an occasional talk who is active in Enactus eventsand he became the person who offered me an internshipopportunity in German. That internship deeply changed my career life as it did a great help when I apply for overseas internship later. I do appreciate what Enactus (formerly known as SIFE) gave to me.

——Xiaoxiao Ding Enactus Alumnus


It is easy to recognize and resonate with each other even if we have graduated from our universities because of the Enactusexperience that we all went through in university life. Enactus is like a magnet with high-intensity field that can draw us Enacters together. As an Enactus alumnus, I am happy and always ready to continue helping create a better, more sustainable world.

——Ting Li

Enactus Alumni, University of Hong Kong

MBA, Stanford University



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