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Aramco Asia & Enactus 2017 Asia Pacific "Energy Cup" Competition held in Beijing

time:2017/10/31 18:52:08

(Nov 5th, 2017, Beijing) The 2017 Aramco Asia & Enactus “Sustainability for Energy, Environment and Climate Program” Asia Pacific Competition was held in Beijing on November 4-5 at the Marriott Hotel.  Over 150 undergraduate and post-graduate students, academic professors, corporate executives, industrial experts and leading scientists convened for the 2-day competition. 


The Competition is the culmination of two projects that started in 2016.  The first project, "Energy Cup", was aimed at undergraduates in 5 countries including China, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia.  The goal of the project was to encourage university students across the Asia Pacific Region to use technology and innovation to address energy, environment and climate related issues.


The post-graduate project, "Techno-Quests" engaged post-graduate students in 7 of China"s top universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Southwest Petroleum University and China Petroleum University to initiate research studies to develop new technologies and solutions in Aramco’s three main areas of research: reservoir engineering, geophysics and geology. 


Aramco Asia is a wholly beneficially-owned affiliate of Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Headquartered in Beijing, Aramco Asia has established a presence in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India.  Aramco Asia’s key mission is to support Aramco’s corporate strategic initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region by contributing to the growth of regional prosperity, job creation, environmental protection and building mutual respect between Aramco and the communities in which they operate.    


In order to execute the year-long program and final competitions, Aramco partnered with Enactus, one of the world’s leading NGOs that provides a platform for university students to use entrepreneurial skills to develop social innovation projects.  There are over 71,000 students at 1,730 universities in 36 countries that participate in the Enactus" programs worldwide.


After working on their projects for the better part of a year, the students came together in Beijing to present their projects to a panel of judges from Aramco, and in the case of the post-graduate projects, the judges included leading scientists in the fields of geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering. 



After the 2-day competition the judges selected North China Electric Power University from China as the 2017 Aramco Asia & Enactus “Energy Cup” Asia Pacific Champion, and Southwest Petroleum University as the 2017 Aramco Asia & Enactus “Techno Quests” China National Champion.  


Photo Caption: the Champion Team students from North China Electric Power University celebrate their victory at the finals of the 2017 Aramco Asia & Enactus “Energy Cup” Asia Pacific Competition.


The project presented by the undergraduate team from North China Electric Power University addressed the problem of single biogas utilization by developing a biogas photovoltaic complementary power generation system which helped farms save electricity.  The Southwest Petroleum University postgraduate team worked on a technical research topic that investigated "green" heterogeneous nano-fluid for enhanced oil recovery.


Photo Caption: the Winning Research Team from Southwest Petroleum University at the Presentation of the 2017 Aramco Asia & Enactus “Techno Quests” China National Competition.


At the Final Award Ceremony, Mr. Nabil Al Nuaim, President & CEO of Aramco Asia commented “We are proud of jointly conducting this program with Enactus.  With more knowledge-based initiatives like the ‘Aramco Asia Energy Cup Competition’ to be carried out in the future, I hope that young students in the Asia-Pacific region will be able to better prepare themselves to take action, make their communities better places to live, and play a leading role in ensuring regional economic and social sustainability.”


Photo Caption: Nabil Al Nuaim, President & CEO of Aramco Asia presenting the Trophy for the Aramco Asia "Energy Cup Competition" to North China Electric Power University



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