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【News Release】The world is ours

time:2016/5/24 16:37:53


The world is ours.

Enactus China national competition is presented by Dell, hosted with partners A.O.Smith, Bayer, Freudenberg, Nu Skin, jury partners KPMG, presentation section cooperated with YOUSOKU, after party meeting hosted by Ecolab. Enactus sincerely appreciate the support of the partners that helped the host of national competition.
Congratulations to Sun yet-Sen University with winning the Champion of China national competition, and Shantou University with the second place. On September, Sun Yet-Sen University will participate in the Enactus World Cup Toronto, on behalf of China.




Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the competition. 93 Enactus team participate, over 2000 students were involved in this.


Mrs. Liu, Huanan head of department of Nu skin, stated that Nu skin is working hard to give support to students with cooperating with Enactus. She was impressed by students" proactive, enthusiastic, confidence and entrepreneurial actions. 


"Nu skin would love to work with students and bring changes to community with brilliant products," said Dr Liu, "No matter what is the result, we are all winners. We should praise ourselves for what we have done."





KPMG is the juries for the whole process of the competition. Chinese partners of KMPG, Mrs Lin spoke on behalf of KPMG, "KPMG conducted a rigorous statistical accounting and verification. We are expecting Sun Yet-sen"s great performance on the World Cup."






Dell presented “Top to Future Top Forum”, a forum that discuss female leadership. The forum invited over 30 executives from partners and students to share their past experience on leading. The forum’s goal is to provide a communication platform of Enactus students and leaders in Business Sector. During the forum, 4 guests shared a series of topics regarding female leadership.



How do we define Leadership?


A person with leadership would have to cooperate with others, been enthusiastic and far-sighted, full of empathy, a good listener. A person with leadership would need to have the will to make changes, never gets satisfy. 



Man is more capable of being a leader? What are the advantages of a women been a leader?
The core of leadership is how to manage people. We should look for what make us stand out from people, discover our advantages and make impacts. It’s said that woman is more sensitive on people. It makes us know what is to be done. 


How do we improve to become a leader?
Leadership needs to be practice, learning to adapt into the environment and understanding the pluralistic of your team members.


On the afternoon, Finalist Announce Ceremony” began. Mrs. Chu, Bayer’s Greater China President, claimed that “Enactus advocated using entrepreneurial actions to help community in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. This is very similar to what Bayer believes in. In the process of Enactus Project, students began to realize that there are still issues unsolved. On the other hand, company’s innovation could bring society ahead For example, other than medical area; Bayer invested a lot in the department of agriculture. Bayer helped Thai Farmers by providing a new tool to keep the temperature of agriculture. This not only helped farmers to improve living standards, but also decreased waste of food, which is a win-win situation.”




KPMG announced the result of teams advancing to the Final, which are Hangzhou Dianzi University; Henan University; Sun Yet-Sen University and Shantou University. They are going to present to the audience what they have done in the past years.





Hangzhou Dianzi University invested in “i-Light”. This project team held special computer training for the visually impaired in cooperation with NGOs and the Disabled Person’ Federation, allowing more blind people to access the world of Internet. Additionally, the team trained selected talented blind people to be software testers for Internet companies and screen reading software companies. A mobile application specially designed for the blind to improve their livelihood is also under development.



Henan University purposed “light bridge”. Team expected to ease the county area of Henan due to medical resources is not caused by the township patients to see a doctor is difficult to see a doctor. Research and development of Radio-PACS remote consultation system with experts, the establishment of a pilot, and in Henan County Hospital to carry out the promotion of telemedicine system, there are 4020 people using the system, covering 4 counties in Henan province.




Sun Yet-Sen University purposed “Neverland”. Dajia, an ait on the Pearl River, enjoys tremendous popularity for the prosperity of banana planation. However, the stack of a massive number of banana leaves and the traditional treatment—burning-- leads to severe environmental problems, such as air pollution and germ spread to banana trees. The Neverland project focuses on promoting the “banana leaves-to-mushroom” cultivation technology in the islander cooperative in order to utilize wasted banana leaves for edible fungi cultivation. Gradually, the increasing consumption of banana leaves have transformed into powerful fuel to improve islanders’ income, which laid a solid foundation for a more sustainable development pattern.



Shantou University purposed “Fenghuang Organic Tea Promotion Project” .Because of the lack of tea growers" environmental awareness and business knowledgethe project aims to help the tea growers on Fenghuang Mountain transform their  tea planting method to organic tea planting. By promoting the concept of organic plantingthe project also encouraged the tea growers to improve their livelihood in an environmentally sustainable way.



There will be company’s exhibition in the national competition. Partners Companies could advocate Company Goals and company value to Enactus students. We want to congratulate Nu Skin to be awarded “Most innovative Company”. Mrs. Tseng (Nu skin Greater China vice Head of Department of Human Resources) claimed “This is the sixth year of being a partner of Enactus. We all indicate to help the vulnerable group. This is why we pick Enactus.”



Mr. Qiu (A.O.Smith vice president) said “Today is the first time I attend Enactus National Competition. I am very grateful to have a chance to understand Enactus and why we fund Enactus. Enactus’ value is the same as our company’s culture. A.O. Smith is not a company is valued only by achievement, but also how much we contribute to the society. We are delightful and willing to work with Enactus to develop elite students.




Mr. Li (Head of Foreign Affairs from Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai) “I am delightful to be invited to Enactus National Competition. Canada and China built great friendship. More than 15,000 students come to Canada to study annually. Toronto is a pluralistic, open-minded city. We welcome teenagers all over the world to join us.”


Let us congrats Sun Yet-Sen University! They will represent China as participation in Toronto Enactus World Cup 2016. 36 countries globally will compete for the Champion. Once again, we appreciate everyone who participate in 2016 Enactus China National Competition and the BAs.